Weeping Wall

January 19, 2019
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Flew over to the Garden Isle with Analyn, Anne, Bill, Cisco, Claudia, Mia and Shirley to enjoy a birthday hike weekend. Make that plural and not singular. Photo by Cisco Quintanilla. We are going to the Blow Hole! Depends on who’s saying it. This hole would have gobbled up a regular car, unfortunately all the […]

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Aiea Ridge to Upper Waimano

January 13, 2019
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We paid a visit to the mythical meadows that never fails to impress first time and repeat hikers alike. Never say never. Thanks to Rocky for dropping Analyn, Chris, Cisco and myself off at the top of Aiea Loop Trail, which saved us a bit of walking. It was 0630 and Mother Nature still hadn’t […]

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Bolohead Ridge to Mount Ka’ala

January 5, 2019
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Nobody was in the mood to do a grinder on the KST, so we switched to the West side to do a shorter but slightly sketchy hike. Depends on your interpretation of what exactly is sketchy. Thanks to Jasmin for dropping us off deep in Waianae Valley where we soon picked up a certain four […]

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Ka’au Crater to Kuli’ou’ou

December 30, 2018
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Our last hike of the year started off at one of three tuff cones on the island, as it was a mighty tuff hike ahead of us. Not really. Mahalo to Ferlino for dropping Analyn, Eric, Matt and myself off at the end of the darkened residential street. We dropped down to Wai’oma’o stream and […]

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Maunawili Falls to Moss Slides

December 29, 2018
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Projected thunderstorms derailed our camping hike, so we went to a popular watering hole instead. This was my first time using the regular entrance to the trail that was established back in 1995 by Dick Davis, the Sierra Club and the Marines. I guess we go to the right. Making our way down the notoriously […]

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Kuli’ou’ou to Makapu’u

December 16, 2018
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A filled parking lot and somebody not waking up on time dictated a change of hiking venues today. We joined the steady stream of hikers that were going up one of the more popular trails on the East side of the island. Going up one of multiple switchbacks as we climbed out of the valley. […]

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Boto Bunker

December 11, 2018
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A chance meeting at a windy lookout lead me to wrangling an invite from Allison to explore a sprawling abandoned military tunnel complex. Analyn, Glenn and myself met up with her group, where we then consolidated ourselves into one van and drove off to begin our bunker exploration. Some of us were blithely unaware of […]

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Manoa Falls to Ka’au Crater

December 8, 2018
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Met up with Analyn, Cisco and Mia at the Manoa Falls parking lot just in time to feed the feral chickens strutting around. Strut then crow later. We passed a busload of hikers at the trailhead as we entered the lush forest. Stepping up the well maintained trail. Despite the steady rain, the falls was […]

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Kualoa Ranch Trail

November 25, 2018
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Mahalo to Cisco for inviting and picking up the admission for Analyn and myself to a semi-guided tour of the backlot of Hawaii. Paradise is not free anymore. We joined the teeming crowd of over a hundred hikers from the Hawaii Hiking Group as we headed into the ranch land that are home to three […]

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Halemau’u Trail

November 18, 2018
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We spent our last day on Maui hiking around the dormant volcano that is actually taller than Mount Everest. Tried getting sunrise permits, which were all out. That meant a couple hours of extra sleep for us. Sharing the road with bicyclists as we took the winding road up to the top. We entered the […]

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