Mount Tsukuba

July 24, 2017
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Needing another mountain break from the scorching heat of summer, I found myself riding connecting trains and a bus to a double peaked mountain in Ibaraki. Leaving the most satisfying city as polled by TripAdvisor back in 2013. Exactly what is being satisfied? Preparing to crossover from the everyday world into the divine world. A […]

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Mount Mitsutoge

July 20, 2017
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Looking to escape the oven heat of Tokyo and get away to the mountains for a respite, I found myself on a train heading to a town noted for pure, clean water. The steripen can stay home. Pretending to read the map. Leaving the station, I was treated to promising views of the iconic Mount […]

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Kulana’ahane to Makapu’u

July 7, 2017
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Ben joined me on a hike to to pick up from where I had left off a couple months ago. We started before the chickens were up and walked through the valley of darkness. We had nothing to fear but fear itself and the feral pigs. Oink. Photo by Ben Hinders. Daylight broke through the […]

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Ka’au Crater to Kolowalu Trail

July 2, 2017
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Lacking any direction or motivation for hiking this weekend, I was invited by Daryl to join his group for a loop hike starting in Palolo. Photo by Mark Carinoso. It was a full house in the back of the valley. Outside of organized club hikes, this was the biggest group I have hiked with to […]

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Pu’u Ohulehule Southeast Ridge to Pu’u O Kila

June 25, 2017
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Started at the crack of dawn with Chris, Lee, Mia and Yoly to hike a loop that I have been wanting to do for quite some time in Kahana Valley. We all piled into Chris’s van to drive to the dead end road and kept a low profile to avoid disturbing the neighbors. The trail […]

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Pu’u O Kona to New Mariner’s Ridge

June 18, 2017
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Met up with Dale and Jasmin in Kuli’ou’ou Valley to piggyback on HTMC‘s hike. The club no longer congregates near the top of the street, but further down the trail road due to numerous neighbor complaints about the collective noise. Hike coordinator, Barb, explaining the two different route options available to the group. Plan A […]

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Kamiloiki Ridge to Kamehame Ridge

June 12, 2017
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Jasmin joined me today for an easy loop holiday hike on the East side of the island. We skirted the former Hawaiian agricultural temple to connect to the trail. I think the trail is down here. But to each their own. Looking back at the shrunken Kuapa Pond, that used to be home to schools […]

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Pupukea to Kulana’ahane & Makapu’u

May 27, 2017
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This is a story of one hike that split into two hikes. Ethan picked up Chris, Daryl and myself and drove to the end of the island to begin our journey across the mountain. The Ko’olau Mountain Range. Day 1 – Saturday, May 27. We got off to a late start at a little past […]

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Wiliwilinui Ridge Trail

May 21, 2017
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I have been on this trail up, down and crossing over; but never in it’s entirety from start to finish. Joining me today were Chris, Daryl and Jasmin on a late afternoon stroll. Good luck in trying to find parking. It was a full house today. The paved road soon turned into a dirt road. […]

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Red Hill to Kalihi Saddle (Powerlines)

May 6, 2017
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Our last primer camping hike before the balloon goes up. Met up with Ben, Dale and Ethan at Moanalua Valley. We followed other hikers going to the stairway. Different routes. Same end. Greeting a steady stream of Korean hikers making their way out of the valley. What? You can just drive into the trail and […]

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