Laie to Pupukea Trail

December 9, 2023

Back in the mountains after weekends of pounding the pavement. Met up with Aida under flashing lights in trees which probably kept the chickens up. Going up the heavily eroded and rutted section of the trail. Walking underneath the towering Norfolk pine trees. Traversing over the cleaned up landslide. Hats off to HTMC for all […]

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Walk around Oahu (Waipahu to Mapunapuna)

December 3, 2023

Our hike in the mountains got rescheduled, so it was back to the pavement for our perimeter walk #11. Mahalo to Chico for dropping Aida, Aileen, Akira, Lilyn, Mari, Ryan, Tessa, and myself off on Waipahu Depot Street. Walking on the bike path where we soon passed the HFD Waipahu Maintenance Facility and Ted Makalena […]

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Walk around Oahu (Kapolei to Waipahu)

November 26, 2023

Met up with the “Japan Fab Four” at Kapolei to start our perimeter walk #10. Catching the sunrise as we started walking on the old railroad tracks which paralleled Renton Road. Going to have put a little more elbow grease to get it turning plus generous amounts of WD-40. Who’s that guy sitting behind the […]

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Walk around Oahu (Maili to Kapolei)

November 19, 2023

Met up with Aida, Allison, Ferlino, Jasmin, and Mari at the parking lot of McDonald’s to start our perimeter walk #9. The combat medic saved the day for Mari’s shoes when he ran to Home Depot and gorilla glued her soles shut. Mahalo to Chico for dropping our group off in the pebbly town that […]

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Poamoho to Manana Ridge Trail

November 10, 2023

We spent Veteran’s Day weekend with veterans and non-veterans to help a friend finish the KST. Mahalo to Jimell and Mona for driving us up the road that was filled with cows and a solitary hiker. Stepping foot on what used to be known as the marsh trail until it was improved by the Civilian […]

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Kalihi Saddle (Powerlines) to Heaven

October 29, 2023

Picked up from the last time when I tweaked my ankle and knee. Thanks to Ferlino for dropping Lilyn, Tessa, and myself off on the side of the highway as we started off unusually late for our hike. Going up the steps that time forgot, apparently the landscape service as well. We pushed up the […]

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Rapelling Mo’ole Falls

October 28, 2023

Met up with Chico, Ferlino, Jason, and Matt to rappel some waterfalls in a Nu’uanu Valley. We dodged cars traveling on the highway, crossed over the shallow drainage ditch and entered the forest through an unlocked gate. Stepping foot in a valley that I haven’t visited in over seven years. The trail and terrain have […]

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Japan HoloHolo 2023

October 20, 2023

Friday – October 20, 2023 We woke up rather late as all our hiking was behind us and it was just playing tourist now. Riding up the escalator to catch the bullet train to Kyoto. Passing the iconic snow-capped symbol of Japan. Group photo at a Halloween display at Kyoto Station, the futuristic station opened […]

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Shimono-roka Trail (Kurobe Gorge)

October 17, 2023

I had heard about hiking the deepest gorge in Japan from a friend years ago. The catch was that the trail was open to the hiking public only during the month of October. Just so happened that my Machu Picchu trip had been unexpectedly cancelled, so that is how I found myself back in Japan […]

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Mount Nokogiri

October 16, 2023

Thanks to Scott for recommending us to visit this saw toothed mountain on Boshu Peninsula in Chiba prefecture. We all met up and had breakfast from hens that had too many roosters in their coop. Hens can also produce eggs without roosters, so they could call themselves Eggvirgins. Not as catchy though. Catching one of […]

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